EcoSiMP is our trade name for products based upon NPT’s proprietary, ethoxy Silyl Modified polymer technology. Features of EcoSiMP:

  • Sets the new standard for “green” in elastic adhesives and sealants.
  • Provides a new level of safety and protection for the worker, consumer and environment
  • Recognized and certified by numerous governmental and independent agencies for its safety and low carbon footprint.
  • No methanol evolution during cure
  • Tin-free
  • No VMO (Vinyltrimethoxysilane) content
  • Eco-friendly products without compromise in terms of workability and performance


The innovative polymers that form the base for NPT’s high performance, elastic adhesives and sealants will soon be available to formulators.

Beyond the ordinary, these MS-Hybrid polymers can be formulated into products that are solvent, isocyanate, and tin free. The range of polymers includes both ethoxy and methoxy types, with the ethoxy types eliminating the evolution of methanol during cure.

NPTs prepolymers can be formulated into sealants and adhesives that are non-yellowing with superior adhesion to both porous and nonporous substrates, offering real value compared with incumbent products, from flexible, highly elastic to the more rigid, fast curing types.


Research plays a leading role in our business. NPT’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in product development ensures that each and every customer consistently benefits from new and innovative products both now and in the future. Our research and development efforts in reactive, elastomeric adhesives and sealants are driven by the needs of the market.

Applying the benefits of our many years of experience, applications knowledge and technical service we deliver products with the highest level of performance and ease of use.


NPT has a long and successful history of working with and supporting our customers on a private label basis.

As a private label partner, we contribute to the successes of many brand names globally.

Our customers are able to leverage the technical, sourcing, manufacturing, packaging and logistics strengths of NPT to deliver exceptional value to their customers.
NPT provides an effective and reliable means for companies to expand the breadth of their offerings or enter new markets with minimal capital investment and short lead times.

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