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Polipur B2 Termoacustica

Low expansion foam with propellents free from CFC

Lattice for reaction to atmospheric humidity. Specific for installation of wooden, PVC and aluminium doors, windows and shutters. It adheres to wood, cement, bricks, metals and silicone materials. It finds widespread use in construction to seal, fix, install profiles and frames (doors and windows).
  • For all applications where a high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation is required
  • Adheres to the main materials used in construction
  • Flame-retardant (class B2 - DIN 4102)

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  • Pistola CSG 245 RP
    Pistola pneumatica

  • Silcoflex 590
    Low modulus universal neutral silicone sealant

    • Optimal U.V. resistance
    • Suitable for all porous and non-porous surfaces
    • Solvent-free
    • Odourless
    • Permanently elastic
    • Ideal for doors, windows and shutters, construction and plumbing
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    Silcoflex 595

  • Silcoflex 470
    Mould-resistant universal silicone sealant

    • Also elastic adhesive
    • Resists detergents
    • Fast
    • Excellent for doors and windows

  • Silcoflex 583
    Black silicone sealant for high temperatures

    • For always elastic seals
    • For joints with large movements
    • Operating at -40 °C. at +270 °C (peaks at 300 °C)
    • Black
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    S Bond W4

  • SiMP-Seal 55
    Simp polymer elastic adhesive

    • Non-sag, exceptional thixotropy and short cut-off string
    • Excellent primerless adhesion on all typical construction materials
    • Non-staining. Neutral behavior, does not attack support surface
    • Sealing and bonding between different materials like metal, plastic, glass
    • Sealing joints in vertical and horizontal applications

  • Scioglischiuma

    • For melting fresh foam
    • For cleaning tools
    • Dual dispenser, both manual and with gun thread

  • Silcoflex 581 Cristallino
    Extra-clear acetic silicone sealant

    • Irreplaceable for invisible bonding
    • Excellent U.V. resistance
    • Good universal adherence
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    EcoBond Flooring

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    Simp 2K Fast

    • Privo di solventi ed isocianati
    • Tempo aperto 4 min a 23°C - 50%UR
    • Tempo di presa 30 min
    • Perfettamente flessibile
    • Sovraverniciabile con vernici a base solvente e a base acqua

  • Silcoflex 587
    Red silicone sealant for high temperatures

    • For always elastic seals
    • For joints with large movements
    • Operating at -40 °C. at +270 °C (peaks at 300 °C)
    • Red

  • Silicolor
    Pure acetic coloured silicone

    • Resistance in particularly humid environments
    • Also for outdoor use
    • Excellent adhesive properties
    • “Pure” silicone; minimum shrinkage
    • Cartridge with 360° swivel spout

  • Silcoflex 589
    Acetic silicone sealant for glass windows and fastenings

    • Ideal for glass/glass and glass/aluminium
    • High cross-linking speed
    • Excellent resistance to atmospheric agents
    • ISO 11600 G25LM certification

  • Pistola CSG 400 RP
    Pistola pneumatica

  • Silcoflex 599
    Neutral silicone for sheet metal and solar panels

    • Specific use for industrial applications
    • High movement capacity, mechanical and heat resistance
    • Excellence resistance to UV rays and atmospheric agents
    • Does not attack surface treatments

  • S-Sil Food
    Alimentary silicone

    • Excellent adherence to many surfaces
    • Easy to apply
    • Solvent-free
    • Excellent resistance to atmospheric agents (UV, rain, snow, etc.)
    • ANSI/NSF Standard 51 certification

  • Pistola CSG 210
    Pistola pneumatica

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    Simp Crystal

  • Silcoflex 450
    Mould-resistant silcone sealant

    • Ideal for applications on glass, ceramics and aluminium.
    • Great for generic applications
    • Good resistance to weather conditions

  • Silcoflex 585
    Mould-resistant acetic silicone sanitary sealant

    • Specific for the bathroom fittings sector
    • Resists moulds and bacteria
    • Resists detergents
    • ISO 11600 G25LM certification

  • Pistola CSG 450 RP
    Pistola pneumatica

  • Pistola PM3 – Spray
    Pistola pneumatica