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Glass activator and cleaner - Glass cleaning wipe

Activator: U-Activator is a silane polymer-based surface cleaner and activator able to remove the contamination of the glass. Its chemical nature also enhances the adhesion promotion properties of U-Primer 130 and the adhesive during the glass replacement contributing to the perfect bonding of the glass. U-Activator is very moisture sensitive. Close the containers immediately after every use to preserve contents.   Wipe: Ready-to-use cleaning wipe for immediate and easy cleaning of windscreen from contamination and demoulding agents. Sealed in a single use airtight envelope. Packaging: 2000pcs box  
Drying time
(23° C and 50% r.h.)
Application temperature
from +10 to +35 (°C)
Temperature Resistance
(after curing)
-40 / +90 (°C)


30/250/1000 ml alu bottle

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  • U-Seal 550FC
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    • Over-paintable in a short time with many water and solvent based paints (preliminary tests recommended)
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    • Non-staining
    • Allows equalised stress transfer due to permanent elasticity.
    • Good resistance to ageing and weathering

  • Silcoflex 590
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    • Trasparente
    • Inodore e senza solventi
    • Presa estremamente rapida
    • Carteggiabile e sovra verniciabile
    • Saldabile a punti prima della polimerizzazione

  • Felt Applicator

  • Silcoflex 581 Cristallino
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    • Irreplaceable for invisible bonding
    • Excellent U.V. resistance
    • Good universal adherence