Work Plan

We have split-up the technical work into five WPs. The first three ones can be considered as NPT’s internal work. The main objective is to obtain industrially produced Advanced-SiMP samples; firstly, by optimizing the formulation of the product and secondly by adapting our new facilities for this purpose to its production. This activity has the objective of mastering the process of synthesis of the final prepolymer and the additives required to obtain controlled mechanical properties of the chemical system. WP2 and WP3 deal with the construction of a plant to produce Advanced-SiMP at semi-industrial scale thus including the upscale of the production process and adaptation of our current facilities to the addition of carbon black (including preparation for ATEX environments). After the plant is ready, the process needs to be adjusted and quality checks conducted to be able to produce samples for validation.

For WP4 and WP5 Crash tests and VOC emissions are a validation process that an entity external to the company performs to approve or disapprove the quality standard. The homologation process is performed by OEMs to add Advanced-SiMP and NPT as a supplier. Our product has to comply with their internal quality standards. The execution of this part of the project is just the previous step before commercialization. During the certification with the different end-users of Advanced-SiMP it will be necessary to make small variations of the initial formulation, this is, customization of the product. Production of vehicles is a very standardized industry so that operation is so usual and would not entail any major alteration in the planning of project activities.

WP6 is all about commercial activities. The main objective of this is to introduce Advanced-SiMP into our current customer portfolio as well as expand our customer network in Europe and abroad. With Advanced-SiMP we are offering a new and unique solution with many advantages over its competitors. It is necessary to announce this message. The main activities are visits to clients, assistance to fairs and trades, and some videos, training sessions and the use of social networks. WP7 contains all the actions related to the project and risks management. Communication between WP leaders and with the EC is crucial for the correct development of the project and to achieve our objectives. Risks related to activities developed during the project will be controlled to ensure that any correction or deviation is done on time, pursuing the goal.

This projects has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement.