SiMP-Advanced will be the first Silane Modified Polymer adhesive with high mechanical properties allowing it to be used as a structural adhesive in the windshield installation and replacement, thus competing with current PU based solutions, the most consumed adhesive in the automotive industry, and satisfying at the same time the need of lower environmental and health effects.

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  • SiMP-Advanced is the first high-performance silyl-modified polymer adhesive that, apart from being isocyanate and solvent free has low VOC emissions and superior mechanical properties. This unique combination of properties offers the alternative to manufacturers to reduce the use of PU and produce in a more sustainable manner.
  • Based on our own polymer backbone structure with the addition of fillers, we have developed a solution with comparable mechanical properties to those of PU. Very importantly, SiMP-Advanced allows to avoid the surface preparation (no activating, no priming, just cleaning) step at the production stage which, at the same time, implies important savings of cost and time compared to current solutions.
  • The polymer obtained can be hard and tough like a resin or elastic and flexible like a rubber, thus finding application as both sealant and adhesive (hybrid adhesive) complying with the stringent Regulations. Besides, SiMP-Advanced does not need substrate preparation for a better adhesion. This implies an important reduction of time processing and production costs.
  • The product is based on our own patents and can be customized according to the production standards of the end-user, contributing to a differentiation over competitors and in compliance with incoming strict regulations.
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  • There are two global objectives to achieve during the execution of the project: (1) industrially produce SiMP-Advanced according to the standards of our customers and (2) establish a commercial network that ensures the successful commercialization of SiMP-Advanced by mid-2021.
  • NPT has signed a collaboration agreement with a Tier 1 supplier of the automotive industry to assist us with the homologation and to introduce us in the OEMs market. Besides, NPT has a strong experience and a customer portfolio in the Aftermarket segment.
  • We have planned a 24 months project to complete the different activities.
  • The activities previewed are related to technical, legal (certification/homologation), and commercial issues to ensure a complete satisfaction of our current and potential customers.
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PolyurethaneStandard- SiMPAdvanced-SiMP
Performance Tensile strength 6-9 Mpa
Elongation > 400%
Fast curing > 3,0 mm/24h
Bubbling risk
Partially UV stable
Compliance to homologation standards
Tensile strength 3-4 Mpa
Elongation 250%
Fast Curing 2,5-3,0 mm/24h
No bubbling
UV stability
No compliance to homologation standards
Tensile strength 6-7 Mpa
Elongation > 400%
Fast curing > 3,0 mm/24h
No bubbling
UV stable
Compliance to homologation standards
Adhesion Pre-treatment required No pre-treatment required No pre-treatment required
Environmental friendliness Hazardous substances No hazardous substances and low VOC No hazardous substances and low VOC

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