The vehicle assembly and direct-glazing adhesive markets are dominated by Polyurethanes (PU), a high-performance technology, in terms of high mechanical strength, high elasticity and durability. Nevertheless, they contain toxic isocyanates making them environmentally unfriendly and require surface preparation and primer for better adhesion upon applicatioon. Primer that is an even more dangerous and high toxycological compound.

Standard Silyl-modified polymers (SiMP) are being introduced, due to their solvent-free and isocyanate-free nature. However, currently they do not reach the same mechanical properties of PU. Therefore, they mainly find application in After-Market (light weight glasses) and non-structural elastic bonding in transportation. The current situation presents indeed the possibility of a new product that will ensure better mechanical properties than Standard SiMP technology and comparable to PU, environmental and health friendliness and application in a single manner.

Advanced-SiMP is the first high-performance silyl-modified polymer adhesive that, apart from being isocyanate and solvent free, has low VOC emissions and superior mechanical properties. This unique combination of properties offers the alternative to manufacturers to reduce the use of PU and produce in a more sustainable manner, complying with the stringent Regulations. Besides, Advanced-SiMP does not need substrate preparation for a better adhesion. This implies an important reduction of time processing and production costs.

The product is based on our own patents and can be customized according to the production standards of the end-user, contributing to a differentiation over competitors.

This projects has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement.